How to Maximize Terpenes in Your Cannabis Plant?

Applying a technique to improve the making of terpenes greatly affect the flavor and scent profile of a strain. Such techniques are simple to do, yet the outcomes make a lot of difference. Here are some of them: 

Be accurate with harvesting 

Terpenes do not take much for them to breakdown and degrade and they are volatile compounds. Once you fail to harvest your plants too late, you may begin to lose valuable aromas and scents. Make sure to utilize a magnifying glass to cautiously observe the trichomes on your buds as an essential indicator. Guarantee to find out about in-depth details and information about harvesting to refine and learn precisely when it’s required.? 

Flush your plants all the time 

Flushing your plants can add to the plant’s flavor and scent as it eliminates extra nutrients. Nutrients can accumulate in the flowers and overwhelm the natural flavors made by the strain. To flush the plants, give your plants with the purest water possible almost 2 weeks before harvest time.? 

Properly make use of temperature 

Nearly all environmental factors can be regulated to control the optimal production of?natural terpenes. One of the most essential factors would be the temperature. If you reduce the temperature during nighttime will cause the trichomes to work double time. The rule of thumb is to lower the temperature by roughly 5°C during the evenings. Apparently, be cautious not to excessively chill your plants. Otherwise, other parts of the development will be compromised.? 

Pay attention to the lighting 

Lighting is among the vital factors that serve a particularly critical role in terms of growing cannabis plant and promoting the production of terpene it. Trichomes make resin in nature partially to keep plants from too much exposure to light, a behavior that can be maximized by cannabis growers. You can help your plants to boost its production of trichome by exposing them to ultraviolet-B lights for nearly 2 to 3 weeks during flowering.? 

Cure and dry your weed properly 

Though it looks as if your work is done after harvesting your plants, there are still some tasks that require to be performed. If you ensure to correctly cure and dry your weed correctly, you can guarantee that the flavor and smell aren’t compromised. In a cool environment, dry your cannabis over a period of 2 q  to 3 weeks. Too much heat will start to deteriorate the precious terpenes. As much as you can, make sure to keep up a humidity of about 50 percent.? 

After they are dried over, now is the time to cure them. Aim for the humidity of nearly 55 percent, no lighting, and low temperature. This process will help in drastically improving the smell and taste of your buds.? 

Slightly stress your plants 

Stressing a biological organism can either make or break it. If you apply just the precise amount, the organism will get stronger, adapt, and survive. But, when you apply excessive stress, the organism can’t adapt to it well, and can potentially cause it to die. Hence, just the right stress level is needed if you want to develop cannabis rich in natural terpenes.? 

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